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Meet the Team - Jess (Rising Star)

Jess has been a part of the company since she started her apprenticeship a couple of years ago. We have known Jess since she was tiny and we are so proud of the journey that she has come on.

Jess is an integral part of The Empty Space. Those who have hired our theatre will certainly have come across her in almost every aspect of the theatre.

She is now one of our go to technicians for the theatre. She is totally self taught, but when someone is hiring our theatre, they often rely on Jess to run their lighting.

On a day to day Jess is often the person who is making sure the theatre is in full running order. Our theatre in Manchester is often used by a whole host of different people hiring us. This has ranged from Stage Schools to Pole Dancing and everything in between! Jess is often on hand to make sure that our theatre is in the best condition for the people that are hiring our theatre. She tries to put our clients first and do everything that she can to make things run smoothly when our theatre has been hired.

Alongside that, you will often find her behind the bar serving drinks and dancing to the music. She has an infectious laugh and always puts a smile on our theatre goers faces!

When the theatre hasn't been hired, you will often find Jess irritating the rest of our staff, asking for tasks and wanting to learn more. It's a good job we love her!

Alongside working at The Empty Space theatre, Jess also works as a teacher for very young people. She is passionate about their development and learning about the world of performing arts.

Jess is someone who is going to be with us for many years!

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