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I Remain

Starry Night Theatre Productions

I Remain

Fri 24th Sep - Sun 26th Sep


‘I Remain’ is a one act drama based on the true story of the writer’s great, great, grandfather, Private Harry Hayes of the Manchester Pals 17th Battalion of the First World War.

The play follows the story of Will, Harry’s great, great, grandson, a rebellious teenage boy struggling to come to terms with his demons.


Whilst staying at his grandma’s house, Ada, to escape the troubles he faces at home, he stumbles across a box of old photos. Amongst the photos he finds an old picture of a soldier; Harry Hayes. Along with the photo, Will finds a stack of letters written by Harry whilst in the trenches in France in 1916.

Will becomes absorbed into these letters and Harry is once again brought to life through the words of the past.



 From Where? to Here

Sat 25th Sep

3pm & 4:45pm

A multi-media journey about two friends emerging as artists after decades of work and within the confines of lockdown. The journey focuses on the last year of their artistic endeavour and how it has enabled years of creativity to come together as a performance.

The performance involves self-penned urban folk tunes, experimental improvisations, AI, images and video.

There is no escaping the political element and the impact of recent years on feelings about being English. The performance hopes to be a postcard for those whose future experience of history will not be that written by the forgone political winners.




That's What She Said.jpeg

Out The Attic

...That's What She Said

28th Sep - 29th Sep 6pm, 9:30pm

Six girls. One week in Ibiza. Similar differences. ‘…that’s what she said’ is a brand new piece of theatre that explores what it means to be a woman in 2021. Devised based on real-life experiences of the cast, the play opens the conversations on sisterhood and race in a modern way.

That’s what she said explores the experiences of six young women on holiday in Ibiza, how they navigate the divisions that have been forged between women of different class, race and background. More importantly, the play explores the friendships they forge and the experiences they share that are universally relatable.

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